Floro International Corporation
Welcome to our site!

Floro International Corporation is the marketing, manufacturing, and
administrative center for the Floro group of companies.  Floro is an ISO 9001
certified company.
What we offer

The Company  provides services and products both for the international
and local market.

Services range from the conversion of documents for the archival and
electronic access market by converting paper documents into digital or
microfilm format, and vice-versa; along with the encoding or tagging of

Products are divided into the Consumer Industry and the Defense

Under Consumer Products
Floro provides computer equipment and software
application systems ranging from:
  • HIT Fingerprint Time Recorders

  • Globodox and Sohodox Document Management Systems        

  • Certified accounting systems such as the Alpha
      Financial (AFIS) Information system that conform to
      Philippine accounting and reporting requirements.

  • SMA Book Scanners, Microfilm Scanners, and Archive Writers

  • Document Scanners

  • Enzymes for Odor and Sludge Control

Under Defense Products
In manufacturing, Floro produces precision parts and assemblies for the
electrical, timepiece, optical, jewelry, and defense armaments.  These
defense products include:
  • M4A1 5.56mm Rifle

  • M4A1 Model-C 5.56mm Rifle

  • M4A1 5.56mm Rifle with FIC40mm M203 Grenade Launcher

  • 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher

  • 40mm High Velocity Single Shot Grenade Launcher

  • AGL 40mm Ammunition

  • M16 20/30 Round Aluminum Magazines

  • 105mm Pack Howitzer Upgrade

  • Garand Conversion

  • Tear Gas, Smoke Grenades

  • AGL V150  Turret Upgrade

  • 9mm Viper Pistols

  • MK-9 Submachine gun
Floro International Corporation
306 Jovan Building
00 Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong, Philippines
Phone: +632.533.2584  
Fax: +632.654-7215
email: floro@floro-intl.com